The Game 2 Give Fund will receive $2 (R36) for every Package sold.

Up to $19 310 000 will be given from the sale of the Cryptudo Game packages @ $20 to help thousand of people in desperate need of financial support

Earn Real Cash While Having Fun
Playing Cryptudo

Earn a sustainble monthy income from Playing Cryptudo and earning G4B Game Rewards. G4B Game Rewards will be paid out according to the amount of Game Revenue Generated and the amount of G4B Game Rewards that are in Circulation.

Join The Game2Give
Affiliate Program

There is over Earn over $32 872 000,00 in Affiliate Sales Commission to be earned with Game2Give

We Help You To Start Earning And Keep Earning A Sustainable Income

Playing Games, Earning Affiliate Sales Commissions With Our Compensation Plan & Earn Monthly game Revenue out of all the Game Revenue Generated,

Game 2 Give Statistics

Total IOTA Packages Sold


Total IOTA Packages Left


Total Sales Commission Paid


Total Rased For The Game 2 Give Fund


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2 Level Commission Structure


Earn $3.00 on your 1st level & $2.25 on your 2nd level, Unlimited width. Game2 Give is automatically connected to a Bitcoin, Ethereum & USDT Wallet for you to fund and purchase your very own Cryptudo Game Dice Package. Easily transfer Game2Give commissions to a wallet of your choice.

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Did You Know?


Did you know that the average game earns $200 000 per day? That is over $6 000 000 per month in Game Revenue!!! Get your G4B Game Rewards and earn monthly Game Revenues divided equally between the total G4B Game Rewards in Game2Give to the maximum of 1 000 000.

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Earn Game Rewards In Game


Play Cryptudo with your friends and earn up to $2 in Game Rewards per game when you win. To earn additional G4B Game Rewards in the game you can purchase a Cryptudo IOTA, Monero, Ethereum, Bitcoin or G4B Game Dice.

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Who We Are?

Game2Give is part of Game4Bitcoin a local South African Game Development company that develops, Fun, Interactive, Educational games that all have a cryptocurrency theme to them.

Game 4 Bitcoin has created their first game called Cryptudo, which is a Ludo based multiplayer game with a fun interesting cryptocurrency twist. All Game4 Bitcoin's games uses two currencies in the game. 1) The Play Coins - These coins are used to play the game and buy various items in the stores with. 2) The G4B Game Rewards Coins - Both These virtual game coins are connected to the Game 2 Give website. You can earn these G4B Game Rewards in the game or purchase them throught the Cryptudo packages.

What are the main features of Game2Give?

  • Instant Withdrawals of commissions
  • Friendly Customer Support from Mon - Fri 9am - 3pm
  • Safe And Secure Firewall with DDOS Protection
  • Best Dedicated Server
  • Professional Support Team
  • Legitimate Business with real products.

Our system is 100% Secure & Safe

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Compensation Plan

Game2Give is a one of a kind system that allows you to receive affiliate sales commission without having to spend $1 out of your pocket. You will earn peer 2 peer Affilaite Sales Commissions of 20% on your front line that purchases a package & 15% on their front line that puchases a package. Every sale made will payout a minimum of $2 to the Game2Give fund. Once the Game 2 Give Fund has reached $500 a cause will be chosen and funded personally.

If you purchase a $20 IOTA package and introduce just 3 people who each purchase 3 packages then you have earned just over $20, after that you are in 100% profit.


What Game 2 Give Members Say


Fast and Professional Support from Admin. It is only the beginning of the awesome new platform, but already promise to be a Poverty Breaker for 1000's of people, as well as a rewarding recreational tool for all - young and old

Chris Barnard

South Africa

It is a Profesional Project with excellent Admin. On top of that we are going to make very needed money. I appreciate it to be part of this team.


South Africa

An intuitive and groundbreaking platform! The leader and support team is always more than ready to help and answer questions! I am very excited about what is to come and the prospect of making a supplemental income through this platform! Thanks G4B!


South Africa

MONEY IS A CRUEL MASTER BUT A GREAT SLAVE, if you work for money you will lose yourself trying to make more of it, but if you have money work for you then you will be economically free, because money works 24 hours, it takes no leave, it does not get sick and it has a way of attracting its cousins to come in numbers.Join and poverty will be things of the past.

Rosalia Shidolo


Great game play and nice smooth platform well worth checking out !


South Africa

Doing it live and seeing immediate results made me have more confidence in G2G. I have already recommended to my kids who are young adults.


South Africa

The best ever business that I have encounter. I am very much greatful to the person who introduced me to this lucrative business. I count myself as a billionaire through this business. I encourage each and everyone on the globe to join this business and no one will mention the word "poor" because everyone will be millionaire or billionaire. I happy client

Apollonia Negumbo


If you are looking for a legitimate program that you will earn daily income with, then I would suggest joining G4B to alleviate poverty out of your life, family and community at large, I encourage you to invite your loved ones and see how your lives will change forever.